• Identities Research Project

    Episode 1

    Changing details on your ID or using it in a transaction can be a bureaucratic and frustrating experience. Our research team has been hearing directly from users about these frustrations, and how they're working together to solve them.

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  • Identities Research Project

    Episode 2

    If you're involved in the implementation of a new technology, adoption can seem like a binary issue - people either sign up, or they don't. But the reality is far more complex. In this episode, we're sharing some of the issues and insights about adoption we've learnt from users.

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Welcome to the Identities Research Project

The Identities research project explores user experiences of identity technology, brought to you by Caribou Digital, Omidyar Network and the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB).

About the Identities research

The need for user-centered research in “digital identity” arose out of concerns around top-down identity systems and lack of insights on how these are being understood and used, particularly amongst lower income populations.

Identities research methodology

For our user research, our choice of states was determined by both policy and practical considerations. We started our research in Bengaluru and rural Karnataka as our research team is familiar with the area and have the language skills. However, Bengaluru is also a prime site for research, as the second fastest growing metropolis in India, and highest number of educated immigrants.

Reporting Back

Over seven episodes, we will share articles, essays, videos and insights from our research, and we’ll ask you to join the conversation by sharing your own thoughts, needs and insights.

Get in touch

If you are an expert in this sector, we’d really like to hear about what themes and issues are important to you. So please send me an email to tell me what’s important to you, and let me and the team know if we’re missing issues or themes that you’d like surfaced in this area of research.

Chris Locke, Founder, Caribou Digital

Project Timeline

Caribou Digital and the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore team are working in the field right now, and as we go through the research and analysis stages for the Identities project, we would encourage you to contact us and share your insights and views.

Identities - New Practices in a Connected Age

What do we know about those who use identity systems?

What are the experiences, challenges and stories, particularly of those in lower income populations?

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Meet the research team


Each episode we will feature an interview with each of the team to gain understandings and insights from the ongoing Identities research.

From left: Harish BoyaSurpriya DeySarita Seshagiri and Janaki Srinivasan International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, and Savita Bailur Caribou Digital

Meet the research team